MalTar Music, LLC is a music production company founded in 2011 that focuses on what is important: investing in the music and creative individuals that make it. Based in Long Island, New York, we believe in fostering a collaborative and innovative environment as team of individuals with a love and passion of good music and delivering creative content to our audience.

The vision of our movement began in 2011, working in the basement studio to become seasoned producers and businessmen like those in the industry that we’ve long admired. From there, we were able to sign artists and producers to our roster. Our hunger and drive to push MalTar Music toward further success has touched those that have been affiliated with us. Within a few short years, we were able to put together a strong team who believe in delivering good musical content. Each member of MalTar Music supports the vision of creating and releasing timeless material to reach wide range of music lovers who follow different genres.

As a collective, we pride ourselves on being an energetic, creative and forward-thinking company that embraces innovation, talent and hard work. We reinvest everything into developing our company objectives and talent for the love of the music.

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